The Association

Association for the fight against alcoholism Affiliated with the state-approved National Federation les Amis de la Santé – Order of 01/17/1991

The Association called Santé-Abstinence-Bas-Rhin, created on February 12, 2001 is called the Amis de la Santé du Bas-Rhin from June 7th, 2006. It is listed on the register of the Associations of Schiltigheim District Court according to its territorial jurisdiction at its head office and by the articles 21 to 79 of the local civil code enforced by the introductory law of the French civil legislation of 1rst June, 1924. The Association is independent from denomination and politics and from any philosophical beliefs or unions.

The originality is the public image of the association. Independent from any political, religious, philosophical beliefs or unions. Only the problem of alcoholism matters. Every member is free to have his opinions. The notion of equality among the members of the association is another aspect of its originality. No criterion of seniority is taken into account, neither in how long one has abstained from alcohol, nor in how long one has been a member. The idea of hierarchy is rejected as well as any kind of segregation.

The goals of the association are :
• Helping the alcoholic persons and their families
• Facilitating the treatment of their illness and their reinsertion in society

The association takes part in the fight against alcoholism, in all backgrounds and by all possible means, regardless of who organizes these actions. The relationships of the association with all the organizations that exist permit the Amis de la Santé to highlight the fight against alcoholism in the Bas-Rhin.